The MOST of Monday!

- I have made FOUR batches of these babies in the past two weeks.  I took some Ghiardelli brownies (from Costco, of course), with some freakin' cookie butter melted on top, and then baked it.  It was so amazing... increds.

- Remember that challenge [see #4] I was doing?  I hit a bump in the road last week when we stopped by here and had this:

Moscow Mule
And this:
Truffle Oil Mac 'n Cheese
And this:

Nogales Burger
And this:

Warm Doughnuts with Salted Butterscotch Dipping Sauce

- ... and then our server gave us a free blood orange cosmo.  Who can't say no to free?  This gal...

-In other news, I bought this nail polish last week:

Essie Turquoise & Caicos

You see, I was having buyers remorse.  Who does shopping at Walgreen's on their lunch hour?  ... and then buys EIGHT DOLLAR trendy nail polish?  Apparently me?  Well, buyers remorse released.  Trust nail polish lasted through 4 loads of laundry, nightly dishes, home cleaning, moving a friend, and the daily grind for 6.5 days and NO CHIPS!  Whaaaa? 

-I TOTALLY took advantage of the redunkulous SWA sale and booked a trip to SanFran/Napa in the Fall.  The wiiiiiiiiiinnneeee is calling me! :)

-My birthday is coming up.  If any of you talk to my husband, tell him he can buy my anything from this site... especially this or this.... LOLz, in my dreamsssss

-Ok, have you guys seen THIS?!  Sprinkles Ice Cream.  Fo reals.  I might be making the trek to Beverly Hills ASAP to check this out.  Outta control!

Hope everyone is having a fab Monday so far... make the most of it!  
- Busy B