Skinny Bitch Margaritas

What's on tap for today?  Skinny Bitch Margaritas.  Yes.  I said it.  Skinny Bitch Margaritas.  It's ok to say on the Internet if my Mom said it to me, right? 

So my Mom made these for me and sis for my very first time last weekend.  They are the best Marg's I've ever had (with the exception of my most favorite Mexican Food spot in Tucson, El Molinitos, or ElMo's as our fam calls it, where they have the most amazing Frozen Margaritas ever, one or two will putcha on the floor)... anywho, these babies are delish.  You have to use a premium clear tequila (which Mom says is why you won't get a hangover... but I wouldn't know about that, right!?).  Also, agave nectar doesn't raise your blood sugar and makes these marg's under 100 cal's.

I mean, look at this Skinny Bitch!

Here's the recipe, these babies won't disappoint.

Skinny Bitch Margaritas

Prep: 10 minutes
Yield: About 6 Margaritas

4 Limes, squeezed
Lime peel, grated
3 oz. Clear Premium Tequila
1 oz. of Orange Liquor or Triple Sec
Agave Nectar (add enough to desired sweetness)
Splenda or Stevia
More limes for garnish

Squeeze juice from 4 limes.  Fill blender 3/4 of the way with ice. Grate lime peel (just a few strokes will do), and add to blender with remaining ingredients.  Blend to desired consistency (I like 'em real smooth).  Mix Margarita Salt with Splenda or Stevia.  Dip the very top of the margarita (or if you don't have them, wine glasses work great) into the blender, and then dip into the Salt/Splenda mixture.  Fill glass with blended margarita, and garnish with a lime wedge.  Don't forget to toast to skinny bitches!