The Most of Monday... on Tuesday?

So I admit it, I forgot the most of Monday yesterday!  I was confused.  But don’t worry, here it is!
1.   I ate here on Friday night.  It was IN. CREDIBLE!  Like, we ate these redunkulous loaded chips that were outta this world!  And the No. 17 cocktail was phenoms.  We enjoyed the company of two of our favorite lovebirds on a double dater… too fun!
     2.   Saturday we played Bananagrams and had dinner at our house with some friends which was a blasteroo!  We love entertaining and it was so GREAT to see some more people we love!

3.   Sunday consisted of church and a whole lotta layin around and napping like toddlers

4.   We started another 24-day challenge of fitness and healthy eating anticipating our trip to Florida at the end of the month …

5.   … and then I found this and want to re-think my decision.

6.   Instead, I am eating a whole lotta shredded chicken and egg whites.  LOLz!

7.   … and then I was watching Big Bang Theory and saw a commercial for this.  Good thing they don’t have a store close to us, I would eat it every. single. dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

8.   Speaking of Big Bang Theory, there is this guy at work named Will Withers and I keep wanting to call him Wil Wheaton.  Makes me chuckle every time! 

9.   And also about Big Bang Theory, have you freakin’ seen this episode?!  It’s my favorite.  I need to watch it daily to remind me about the simple things in life.  Like being a PRINCESS WITH MY TIARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  Seriously. 

10. Someone take me here.  Now!  We are planning our vacays for the rest of the year which HAVE to include a tropical place, some visits with some really cool peeps, and who knows what else.  Like here and here.  And we realllyyyy wanna go on a cruise with our besties!  Where have you gone on a cruise before?  Likes and dislikes?  Do’s and don’ts?  I’d LOVE your input!