The Most of Monday!

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone enjoyed their day and had some fun in the sun or somethin'!
  1. Today is Memorial Day… I hope everyone took a few minutes to think about what today means.  It means life.  And death.  And freedom.  And fighting.  The thought of these things just blows my mind.  I’m so thankful for all of these things.  Thankful to be an American, to be protected, and to have the opportunities I have…
  2. I had the most incredible weekend in Portland visiting my dear friend Mallorie.  Like, outrageous.  The food and drinks in the city are beyond good.  Like, realllllllyyyy goooood (don’t worry, a separate post of all the foooood will be coming soon).  There are three things I my best friend Mal and I do; talk about life, eat ridiculous amounts of food, and drink tasty adult beverages.  I ate so much I think I gained 5 pounds.  Operation eat-healthy-and-workout-a-ton for 32 days starts… tomorrow.  Hey, it’s all about a balance, right?
  3. Speaking of eating, I ate here, here, here and here (and MORE!).  Don’t worry, they were all as incredible as their Yelp reviews.
  4. I am still dreaming about this from Voodoo Doughnut.  Mallorie, if you’re reading this, please, please send me one!
  5. I read Blue Like Jazz on the plane en route to PDX/PHX… I HIGHLY recommend it!
  6. I start a new job tomorra… wish me luck!
  7. In Portland, people do this really weird thing, called walking, biking, and utilizing public transportation… something I need to do more of.  Too bad it’s five billion degrees out for six months of the year!  Good thing I have a pool with a slide!   Seriously… a SLIDE.  Fo reals!
  8. I am headed to Jacksonville, FL for a few days at the end of June and need recommendations of where to eat and drink… anyone?  Anyone?
  9. I had the opportunity to be a part of the Nike culture this weekend through my friend and stuff.  It’s incredible!  What they do for the community, their passion, their people, their corporate campus.  Mal has worked there for eight years and I knew it was awesome, but I felt somewhat a part of it this weekend. Neat-o!
  10. What kinds of things are you passionate about?  What is your life purpose?  I know part of my purpose here on Earth is to feed people and love people… I hope I am doing a good job of this!

That's about it for today... I think I am still in a food/drink coma from the weekend and need to recover (my brain, pocketbook, and body)... catcha later!
- Busy B