Food Faves : Delux

One of my favorite places to get a burger in the Biltmore area is Delux.  It has a small but tasty menu for a decent price.  They are located at 3146 East Camelback Road (32nd Street and Camelback), and are open 7 Days a week from 11am to 2am.

Mom and I recently visited and shared a few things.  When I go, I always start off with a basket of their fries ($6.00):

They have this sauce (on the left above, I don't know what it's called...), that is tangy and delicious.  And the sweet potato fries are some of the best I've had in Phoenix!

And sometimes I get the Chinese Chicken Salad ($9.90):

The flavor of the chicken, crunch of the red bell pepper and wontons, and size of this salad makes my taste buds oh-so-happy!  I love the dressings that come with this (I like to get 'em on the side)... spicy peanut sauce and a honey-lime vinaigrette. 

Their burgers are made from USDA Choice, all-natural, 100% vegetarian fed beef, raised on family-owned U.S. farms and ranches. That being said... the burgers are DELISH!  When you visit Delux, the thing you absolutely have to try is the Delux Burger ($9.90):

This burger is fabulous!  It has a hint of blue cheese (that even my blue-cheese hating mother loves), gruyere cheese (YUM!), caramelized onions, applewood smoked bacon, and baby arugula.  All of this lies between a beautiful buttery-toasted demibaugette.  Phenom... my mouth is watering as I type!  I need one now! 

They also have a great selection of adult beverages.  I would suggest trying out a beer flight or two!

One side of the restaurant is a small sit-down space with a cute little patio.  The other side is '2-Go,' where you order at the register and take away.  In the 2-Go space, there are great sandwiches from $5.95-$7.75, which include a side of fruit salad.  I absolutely love the Albacore tuna, Delux club, and California veggie sandwiches. 

You can view the Delux 2-Go menu here.

I hope to run in to you at Delux soon... I know you won't be disappointed if you go here!