Portland Eats ... [First Night & Day 1]!

Okay, so remember how I talked about that Memorial Day trip to Portland?  Well, I went to see my friend Mallorie a.k.a 'MalPal.'  You see, she's awesome.  And we love to share our love of food and stuff.  We just so happened to take a trip together to San Diego last year Memorial Day weekend as well.  I thought I would introduce you to her:

We ate, ate, ate, and drank, drank drank, and then ate, and then drank again while we were in Portland.  

To start off, we tried out PCG.  The views were amazing, drinks and food fantastic, and the prices were phenoms [please excuse the terrible nighttime photography, I'm learnin' here!].

Not to mention I was in GREAT company [Mr. Busy B was there too...]:

Then came VooDoo Doughnuts:

We had the maple bacon doughnut which was THE BEST, as well as the Old Dirty Bastard.  Out of this world!  I've been craving maple bacon doughnuts since we left [perhaps I should make these]...

The next morning we got up and checked out Petite Provence.  I highly recommend the steak benedict!  Incredible, and only $12 for BEEF TENDERLOIN on your benedict!

There is like a bazillion McMenamins spots in Portland.  It's the coolest restaurant/bar/entertainment concept I've seen yet.  We tried out Blue Moon Tavern and Grill on our first day and Kennedy School our last day.  I LOVED the Ruby beer.  Light and refreshing - just screams summer!

Here's Mal with her sampler! 

I was too sleepy and needed a latte...

Next up was Henry's [12th Street] Tavern.  Mal and Mr. Busy B had another sampler, I had a blueberry beer and we all shared the gorgonzola fries.  Increds!


Seriously.  It happened...

We checked off Deschutes Brewery next.  Between the three of us we probably tried a dozen beers and loved all of them.  Deschutes is so great on draft! 

I also got to see an old pal Mia!

So happy :)
After Deschutes came time for Rogue.  We each had another sampler [here's mine]!

Rogue has a VOODOO MAPLE BACON DOUGHNUT beer!  Sounds delish, right!?  No.  Nast, in fact!  Tasted like campfire in yo mouf.  I highly do not recommend it...

Never Again...

We ended the night at BridgePort.  By this time we were so full of beer and tired I didn't take a single picture!

Stay tuned for day two with more great eats!