Portland Eats ... [Day Two]!

Okay so yesterday I shared the first night and day one in PDX!  It was awesome and day two was just as amazing! 

To start off the day, Mal and I went to Vivace Coffee House & Creperie.
Mal and I each had a savory crepe [of course I had to order a dessert one with nutella to share!]...

We went to the waterfront and tried out a Portland Elephant Ear from one of the food stands at the Saturday Market.

Mr. Busy B and his elephant ear.
After shopping in downtown [sales tax-less], we checked out the Nike store my friend works at and then got a chance to drop some moolaahhh at the Nike employee store.

Enter Mr. Busy B's Disneyland here.

Extra large bag?  Whoopsie!
We attempted dinner at Pok Pok but ended up at Clay's Smokehouse after realizing there was a 1 hr. 45 min. wait at PokPok! Bummer!  Clay's was ok, but I was definitely in the mood for some PokPok!

We ended the night at Salt and Straw.

Salt & Straw is redonkulous.  Just try it, you'll be able to relate after you do.  And report back.

Stay tuned for day three of Portland Eats!