A New Feature : Food Faves!

As the holiday season is in full swing, I find the weeks passing quickly and are quite hectic and busy!  Needless to say, I haven't made it to the store in over a week and we now have absolutely no fresh produce!  Therefore, we eat out.  I figure, why not tell ya'll what I love out there?!  We live in the Biltmore-Phoenix area, where the options for foodies are completely limit-less and the food is good ta-boot! 

One thing we absolutely miss about Tucson is the mom-and-pop-like restaurants.  Every time (just about every-other weekend) we go to Tucson, we have to hit up our fave spots to get our bellies full and taste buds satisfied before another trip back home (I'll keep the suspense as to where those spots are until a future review!). 

That being said... let me introduce you to (drum roll please)...



I can see your mouth watering as you're staring at that computer screen/iPad/iPhone/Droid/whatever other device is out there...

What's that?  You haven't heard of a SONORAN HOT DOG?!  Let me tell you about it. 

Sorry.  I had to take a bite first.  The anticipation was killing me!  This decadent creation is a bacon-wrapped hot dog, snuggled inside of a Mexican sweet bread bun (the softest you could ever love).  Sitting atop the concoction are some pinto beans, a lil pico, mayo, mustard, and a smile.  Ok.  I lied.  Not a smile... but I better find one on your face after eating this baby.  I love the twist of a lime, and some extra pico on top. Oh, and that little green and creamy sauce too.  I don't know what in the world it is, but its G-O-O-D!

How about this one...

The carne asada TACO!? 

One more for kicks and giggles...

The chicken taco (don't worry, the pico is in the background getting ready to smother that bad-boy).

Where might I be able to purchase these delightful treats, you ask?  None other than...

El Guero Canelo.  (can I get another, OLE!?) 

A lil history, you want?  Ok... sitting outside of the new Guero is the 'original' food truck.  The Contreras family started this biz back in '93 out of a little food truck.  'El Guero' means 'the white,' in Spanish, or slang for a Caucasian person (basically what everyone called me and my fam back when we lived in Chile)... 'Canelo' means golden-brown in Spanish.  Basically, the guy that started this a light-skinned red head Mexican guy that has the best smile in the world.  Seriously.  Look at the website to check this guy out.  Hilarous!  About 8/10 times I have frequented the place, he's there.  He's even sat down at my table asking how I'm doing and how the food is.  Sorry for the sidebar.  Anywho, this little food-truck phenomenon has blossomed into a fabulous, clean, budget-friendly food establishment, where the quality is always consistent. 

Dad and I used to frequent there when he worked downtown at the County and I was still at the U of A.  Here's the deal... you walk in to this place, at any point during the week, and the place is PACKED.  You order at the counter, while your food is cookin', drop by the salsa bar.  Try the roasted peppers and green tail onions, and every salsa.  The salsa is phenom.  Load it on to that delish bacon-wrapped in a sweet Mexican bread bun, and enjoy, my friends. 

So there you have it.  El Guero Canelo at it's best.  Salud, amigos!