It's HOT! And the MOST of Monday ...

It's MONNNNNNDDAAAAYYYY!  Hope it's fabulous so far.  Sooooooo, It's May.  And we're in Phoenix.  And its HOTTTTTT!  Like, really hottttttt.  Holy smokes!  

All I can think about is food... and WATER.  Good thing it's restaurant week again!  Hubby and I are trying to watch the budget so we are stayin' in instead.  SUCH a bummer considering I realllllyyyyy wanted to take him to J&G or Bourbon Steak.  Oh well, there's always the fall restaurant week!

I'm going to start the most of Monday since most Monday's are a dragggg and I try to think about anything but work and working out on Monday's!

The Most of Monday...

1.  My sister made a bison sirloin steak with goat cheese sauce last night and I dreamed about it all night (and I didn't even have any).  NOTE TO SELF: Need.  Goat.  Cheese.  Sauceeeee.

2.  I am going to Postino's with my girlfriend tomorrow night.  She got engaged on Saturday night!  Can't wait to hear the deets, so exciting!

3.  Hubby got an offer to begin teaching online... should be interesting considering we are BOTH in school and working... totally worth it.

4.  It's exactly FORTY days until my best friend's wedding in Florida.  She told us this weekend during her bachelorette/bridal shower weekend that there will be a signature drink at the wedding called the 'GEORGE' ...  seriously, the GEORGE.  I can't wait.

5.  We went to Nimbus last night and had a Dirty Guera.  It was fantabulous and Rob seriously had the mac 'n cheese pizza.  Fo reals, it happened...

6.  We are headed to Portland to visit my best friend soon!  I can't stop thinking about this place... and this, and this, and this... needless to say, we're foodies and I'm pretty sure that's the reason why we're friends (well, and of course she's like, one of the coolest chicks I know...)  No worries, I don't have to fit into a bridesmaid dress in FORTY days...

7.  I NEED like 5,000 things from this website.  It's my favorite makeup but too bad I'm not a bazillionaire that can spend $42 on loose powder.

8.  I have a pinterest addiction and someone NEEDS to stop me.  Outrageous.

9.  Speaking of pinterest, I made this for the bridal shower this weekend.  It's HEAVEN.  In yo mouf.

10.  My dog won't stop eating soap... nast.  What in the world!?  She's eaten approximately 1.82 bars in the last few weeks... should I be concerned?

I hope your Monday was GREAT and you started your week off supercalifragilisticexpialidociously!

Busy B