Cheese Platter & Tomato Jam Hunt

As I already mentioned, we went to Postino with our friends a few Friday nights ago.  It was fabulous!  We went to a dinner party at their house a couple months back and I was on a Postino kick at the time. 

Postino makes the most amazing buschetta I have ever had in my life!  One of my faves is the Tomato Jam with Goat Cheese Bruschetta.  Tomato Jam, you ask?  Yes... Tomato Jam.  It sounds SO weird but is absolutely fabulous! 

So back to the dinner party.  I wanted to bring an appetizer and what better than a cheese platter?!  So simple and delish.  I really wanted to do a goat cheese log topped with tomato jam (because of the ridiculous obsession with Postino at the time)... but where could I find this delightful treat?  I embarked on a lunchtime journey to find this treat (which subsequently that turned into a few day journey...). 

I started at Fry's, thinking that just by chance it would be there.  Not a tomato jam in sight.  Then Cost Plus.  Then AJ's... then Safeway.  As my hour-long lunch was over, I was defeated.  I searched online for a couple of nights, to find a few weird spots and unusual websites that sold it... but I felt weird ordering jam online! 

I decided to use Facebook as a resource, and everyone suggested the places I had already been, and another person even sent me a recipe.  Too late to make it, though! No time!

Then.... VIOLA! My fave, trusty, LGO came to the rescue!

She may have cost me ten buckaroos, but I. HAD. TOMATO. JAM!

I had a leftover piece of french bread so I had to try the tasty tomato jam ASAP. 
And how about on a hunka goat cheese?  Delish.

Of course, I had to add some brie cheese to the platter!

 What a great arrangement.  So easy (minus the tomato jam hunt).

 These are my fave - Carr's Water Crackers :)

 And YUMMY - sharp white cheddar cheese!

 Some lovely blueberries for color and a lil sweet touch...

And these lovely babies.  I LOVE raspberries!

Next time you gotta go to a dinner party, take a cheese platter... simple... and come on! Who doesn't just LOVE cheese?!

And don't forget your $10 tomato jam... available at LGO!