Pico De Gallo

Back in college I used to spend Tuesday nights with my friends Jose and Melea watching our friend Krista on Paradise Hotel 2… we called them Pico Tuesdays!  After PH, we would watch Intervention.  Yeah, random… but every time I eat this stuff, I think of all of that.  Jose and Melea are two awesome people and are super fun to be around.  Jose taught me how to make this Pico, and I’ll never buy store-bought ever again!  I promise.  You’ll be hooked!

Here’s what you will need:
Now here comes the chopping!

Dice your tomatoes…
And your onion…
And your cilantro…
And cut your jalapeño in half…
De-seed it (unless you want the pico flaming hot) …
And dice it up!
Mince up your garlic (chop it up really good!). 
What’s that?  You need a tip on how to peel garlic?
Chop off the ends of the garlic piece.
Like… so…
The peeling is easy now!
Throw all your chopped stuff into a mixing bowl.

Now throw your lime in the micro for just a few seconds to get it soft (not too long!!)
**Eh Hem** ... excuse the dirty microwave.  We were at the cabin!  Nothin' has to be perfect at the cabin!  I promise I'll clean up better next time, Mom. 

Anywho, after you warm it up for a sec, roll it on the counter with your palm.
Cut it in half…
Stick a fork in it…
And squeeze!
Squeeze some more.  Get all that juice out!
Toss a little sea salt in there, and mix it up real good.
Get a chip and dig in… I mean, look at this!

Here is the recipe:

Pico De Gallo

Thanks to Jose Bejarano, my amazing cheer partner and friend for this recipe!

5 tomatoes (on the vine are best)
1 red or green jalapeño, diced very small
½ red onion, chopped
1 clove garlic (fresh), minced
Juice of 1 – 2 limes
Chopped cilantro and Sea Salt to taste

1.       Take all the juicy/seedy stuff out of the middle of the tomatoes.  Time saver: leave it all in there.  I don’t like the texture as much, for sake of time and to create a little more volume, feel free to leave it.
2.       Dice tomatoes into ¼ inch cubes.
3.       Dice jalepeno and red onion.
4.       Peel and mince garlic clove.
5.       Chop as much cilantro as you want.
6.       Throw all ingredients into a mixing bowl, and juice your lime(s). 
7.       Add sea salt to taste.